Some of the site terms for TEMPLATE Websites are as follows:

From the day of agreement, and signing of this contract. The full payment is to be remitted unless otherwise agreed upon. Another choice that is up to Justin will be ½ down and ½ due before site goes live. The reason for full payment is desired is because that way, as soon as the website is approved we can go live without any serious timelapse.

Depending on how the client is on getting any desired materials, general time to completion from payment being received is to be 14 but no more than 18 days to go live.

The total web site pages are generally around 5 main pages. Including but not limited to Home, About Us, Contact, Gallery – if applicable., ect. Website will be done in wordpress and client will be given all logins for the wp side. If you need any guidance posting or updated that can be scheduled at $75 per hour. For a minimum 2 hour session. 2 hours is probably all you’re going to need.

Domain Names: This package includes domain names for the 1st year, then $50 per year after. Any other admin work that needs to be done for the client will be billed at $75 per hour. If the payment isn’t received by the time we need to renew the domain, the website will be turned off. To turn back on it will cost $50 for the year, plus $100 to get it back to it’s original state.